AO Mongolia - Challenging the church to engage society for positive holistic change

AO Mongolia offers leadership training to young Mongolian pastors involved in the rapid growth of the church. Its curriculum is a dynamic mixture of practical ministry and basic theology, designed to equip and empower young leaders.  As a result of this training, and with financial support and mentorship from Genesis-AOM, our graduates have planted over 20 churches in Bayankhongor Province and Buryatia, Russia since 2005.

When Mongolia abandoned communism in 1991 there were only five known Christians in the country.  Since then the number of believers has increased dramatically to over 500 churches and 90 000 believers. It is estimated that our leadership program has helped train over 85% of the pastors in Mongolia.

Project Goals: To lay a biblical foundation and give practical skills to enable the Mongolian church to influence their society -

§  To have a sound Biblical belief about the transformation mandate of the Gospel of the Kingdom, holistic missions; and a correct understanding of work and professional calling.

§  To ascertain the ways in which the church can be a part of the solution of the community social problems by identifying their callings, gifts, resources and opportunities.

§  To understand the advantages of networking among churches, and between churches and NGOs

§  To have a passion to witness to the Gospel of the Kingdom to their collectives and communities through their work and business.

 Project Outcomes: Over the next 2 years,

§  400 Mongolian pastors/church leaders will gain a solid biblical understanding of and commitment to transformational mission initiatives

§  400 Mongolian pastors/church leaders will define their church’s vision for addressing the issues of their communities by transformational activities, in partnership with Christian NGOs

§  300 Mongolian church leaders/development NGO workers will develop strong spiritual growth, effective networks and management competence for community transformation ministries

§  300 Christians in the community will find their role and become active in changing their communities through their vocation

§  40 Mongolian church leaders/believers will gain competence to establish social movement/enterprises for community transformation

The costs for the first cycle of training is approx. USD$24K


For further information and if you want to pray, support or donate to this project, please email: