CPM (Church Planting Movement) Training Program

There is a great opportunity to expand the Training Trainers with Stories (TTS) throughout the northern region of a sensitive country in SEAsia.  Over the past 2 years, this training program has seen dramatic results in evangelism, strengthening believers and churches, equipping believers for ministry, and church planting. 

The primary goal of the next phase is to implement a full CPM with multiple streams of many generations that can be reliably tracked. The main objective is to continue expanding the supply of reproducing mentor trainer / church planters into new regions, denominations, and people groups.  Additionally, the program aims to fine-tune methods to ensure that not only does the supply of church planters increase but also that new churches reproduce effectively.  Finally, it is intended that current self-monitoring tools are adapted and new ones created to help centrally track multi-generational growth.

By God’s grace and thanks to previous funding - multiple phases of development of the project have been completed, including training staff, developing church evaluation tools, establishing ongoing relationships with many churches, recruiting unpaid volunteers to do most of the follow-up with the growing number of participating churches, establishing church planting training programs with demonstrated results, and equipping a large and rapidly growing number of reproducing trainers.

The project is now positioned to have major impact across the northern region, and it appears that the whole region is on the verge of a full CPM.

Funds of USD$55K are being sought - for 15 more months of operations in order to enlarge and improve the project’s impact.

For further information and if you want to pray, support or donate to this project, please email: contact@asianoutreach.org.au